11-12 March: “Astronomy Days” in Flanders

On Friday and Saturday 11 and 12 March 2016 we have the yearly Astronomy days. Come and visit the activities in Hoegaarden, at the castle of the Sint-Janscollege  (free admittance) (Waversesteenweg 1, 3320 Meldert).

Each day freely accessible from 19hrs onwards.

Observations of the Moon, Jupiter and other celestial bodies with a whole battery of telescopes. Listen to the fireplace stories under the stars and the universe when cloudy.

On Friday: “Journey through the Universe” a digital interactive planetarium projection

On Saturday: “Child’s cosmos” an interactive discovery game for children age 6-12 on stellar topics ( from 19hrs15-21hrs)


Discover science even when cloudy!


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