XLR Powerbox #2

Based on Jean’s design – a similar XLR based 12V power supply for astro purposes.

Base on the Capella XLR standard: contact 1 is positive, contact 2 is negative

Features: 5 XLR contacts / 1 Cigare lighter contact (+USB adapter) / Cooling / Volt & Current analog meters / Based on a plexiglas panel cut by laser / Digital RCC (DCF) signal based clock and thermometer / all illuminated

The box can be powered by 220V or alternatively by an 12V external gel battery

All LED indicators are glued under the plexiglas for a consistent front design.

Laser cutting the plexiglas at Leuven University (FabLab). The material / machine cost was 9€










The result after lasering. Thickness of the plate: 3 mm (more cutouts for other projects also in the same plate)

The cutout placed inside the explorer box @2712

With some of the elements inserted

Beginning to solder all elements

The transofrmator rated 10A is mounted on bolts and ‘hoovers’ inside the box without touching the box itself. The entire plate including all components and wiring can be lifted out of the box

Ready for use!