Exoplanets, the lecture

The story on exoplanets is a thriller of the last decades that resulted in thousand of alien worlds being discovered by meticulous painstaking methods. The latest status and “how to” was explained by Joost Verheyden on this lecture in the Boutersem library. About 40 participants tuned in. 
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Capella visits the Ukkel observatory

VVS Capella became 5 earlier this year. We started in 2013. For this event we planned a nice trip towards the Ukkel observatory in Brussels. Both the Royal observatory, the KMI (meteo) and the BIRA had open doors. Very nice weather, very nice group, and lots of fun… click on the picture for more pictures…




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Festinaken 2018

The festivities in Vissenaken were a huge success this edition, thanks to the Sun that lured in large crowds.  We managed only with two people to organise a stand that showed people the sun’s prominences through a Lunt and a Daystar.

Als Rik from neighbouring club Altair came to help out.

An estimated 100-120 people – lots of children – took a peep through our telescopes and asked many many interested questions on astronomy topics…

Click for pictures


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Sun sun sun!

Join us in the Hoegaarden gardens, SUNday July 1th for solar observations. 

We will deploy several telescopes, some H-Alpha specialized solars scopes.

You will find us in the gardens from 14hrs-17hrs, free admittance to the park (take a walk & drink a Hoegaarden white beer !!)

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Oepekka explores the universe

On Saturday March 24th, Oepekka came to visit Capella in Hoegaarden to explore the universe. A small group of Oepekka members didn’t mind the cold to enjoy the starry sky. Not only were they very lucky to have a clear starru sky, but in addition the public lights were switched off for the occasion, and also for Earth Hour obviously. Next to satellites, constellations, bright stars and double stars with the naked eye, also to telescopes showed the celestial wonders. The highlight of the evening was the first quarter Moon that showed off with her splendid geography. Before and in between we shared stories on the cosmos to warm up a little bit.

Clikc on the picture for more pictures!

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H-Alpha telescopes and observations

Thursday March 29th,  Janos Barabas will join us at the Capella meeting that  night to tell his stories on H-Alpha Observations and telescopes.  Janos has invented a pretty creative way to boost the resolution of a small H-Alpha telescope by adding a second, larger telescope in front of it (see Calendar, lecture in Flemish).


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“Instruments for large telescopes”

Dr. Bart Vandenbussche – member of the Institute for Astronomy, KU Leuven – came along in Hoegaarden and shared his vision and knowledge on how to observe the Universe. Once you know how, then you could build the “what”: which instruments do you need to analyse the signal (visual light, radio, other) that you receive?

This was a very learnfull evening, thanks Bart!

Dr. Bart Vandenbussche


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Night of the Night!

Please join us for a night walk through Hoegaarden.

Saturday October 8th at 20hrs, Gemeenteplein (Music  Kiosk).

Bring rubber boots in case of muddy weather! We ‘ll walk for half an hour to the Marollen Chapel, in case of good weather telescopes are there to look at our cosmos….

Back around 22hrs30


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Likely clouds for the Starparty April 16th

As it may happen in Flanders skies will be cloudy next Saturday. Probability of a covered sky is so high we decided to cancel this event and refer to next month’s activities!


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11-12 March: “Astronomy Days” in Flanders

On Friday and Saturday 11 and 12 March 2016 we have the yearly Astronomy days. Come and visit the activities in Hoegaarden, at the castle of the Sint-Janscollege  (free admittance) (Waversesteenweg 1, 3320 Meldert).

Each day freely accessible from 19hrs onwards.

Observations of the Moon, Jupiter and other celestial bodies with a whole battery of telescopes. Listen to the fireplace stories under the stars and the universe when cloudy.

On Friday: “Journey through the Universe” a digital interactive planetarium projection

On Saturday: “Child’s cosmos” an interactive discovery game for children age 6-12 on stellar topics ( from 19hrs15-21hrs)


Discover science even when cloudy!


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